The only Mentor-led and practical program to break into Data Science career

Attend 5 LIVE training sessions with mentors who are Data Scientists in the industry. Build 1 project end to end and attract potential recruiters. No Coding Experience Required!

5 days to unlock Data Scientist in YOU

₹ 2999/- ₹ 999/- Limited time offer!

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2nd November - 6th November, 2020,

8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (IST)

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Register for Friend's Pack (2 ) for Rs. 1750 and each saves Rs. 125.

7.5 hours of training across 5 LIVE Mentor Coding Sessions to give you more hands-on training. LIVE sessions will help you get insights from your mentor's experience

1 Project in your GitHub which will help your project work get more recognition amongst your potential recruiters

₹20,000 worth BONUS content for FREE which will provide you with abundant material to become a Data Scientist end to end

Priority Access to all Workshops and Webinars by GreyAtom to get you updated with the latest trends of Data Science.

Certificate of Completion which can be used in your college, CV, etc

Access to 15000+ Data Science Learning Community which will develop a great habit of collaborative learning and growing

What you will get

17,500+ students skilled by GreyAtom in least 3 years. We have seen students succeed (and also fail). ‘5 Day Data Science Workshop’ has all the wisdom needed to succeed loaded in the pack. Don’t miss it. You can join at any time and get instant access to upcoming batch and receive timely invites to attend sessions

Inclusive of taxes

Limited time offer: ₹2999 ₹999/-

SAVE Rs. 249 (Rs.999 Rs. 875).

Register for Friend's Pack (2 ) for Rs. 1750 and each saves Rs. 125.

Join 3500+ happy learners

5 Day Live Data Science Workshop

₹ 2999

₹ 20,000

Bonus Data Science resources for FREE





We are closing this offer soon. Few seats left!

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Which project will you complete

Predict if the client would subscribe to a term deposit based on a marketing campaign

Customer Persona - This will help the business identify common features of customers and run targeted campaigns

Target Audience - This will help the business optimise the target audience for their new marketing campaign and run the campaigns with optimised budgets

Campaign Frequency - You will recommend the optimum frequency interval to run a targetted marketing campaign without wasting much money

What will we cover

GreyAtom's 5 Day Data Science Workshop will NOT make you a Data Scientist! Nobody can become a Data Scientist in 5 Days. We will help you carve out your career transition by introducing you to a day in Data Scientist's life. You will build 1 project end to end to get a feel of data science and help you decide better.

Day #1 - Setting you up

  • Introduction to GreyAtom
  • Introduction to Glabs
  • Problem Statement
  • Understanding the stakeholders
  • The DS Pipeline
  • Environment Setup for Day 2

Day #2 - Data Cleaning and Exploration

  • Load and Prepare dataset
  • Check Numeric & Categorical Features
  • Check Missing Data
  • Fill null values in continuous features
  • Check for Class Imbalance
  • Detect & treat outliers
  • Univariate & Bivariate analysis of Categorical & continuous columns

Day #3 - Model Building and Insights

  • Applying vanilla models on the data
  • Function to Label Encode Categorical variables
  • Fit vanilla classification models
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Tree Classifier
  • Random Forest Classifier
  • Feature Selection
  • Grid-Search & Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Ensembling
  • Prediction on the test data

Day #4 - GitHub Showcase, Blogging and Presentation

  • Presentation to the stakeholders
  • Creating your first Project on Github
  • How to choose and build your portfolio projects?
  • What are the ideal qualities of a portfolio project?
  • How to showcase your portfolio projects to the world (and potential recruiters)?
  • AMA (Ask Mentor Anything) on Data Science

Day #5 - Interview Guides and Career Preparation

  • Careers in Data Science
  • Success Recipe for Data Science
  • What does an Data Science Interview look like?
  • Set you up for Data Science Learning beyond the 5 day workshop
  • Recommended Books
  • Tools to help you
  • Build your Learning Backpack

Limited time offer: ₹2999 ₹999/-

Inclusive of all taxes

SAVE Rs. 249 (Rs.999 875).

Register for Friend's Pack (2 ) for Rs. 1750 and each saves Rs. 125.

We ❤️ You

We will not leave you just with the 5 Days of LIVE learning. By the end of this workshop we will give you a Backpack for your journey in Data Science. You will get BONUS courses worth ₹ 20,000 for FREE

BONUS #1: 26 Weeks of Data Science Get 26 Jupyter Notebooks delivered in your inbox - Delivered 1 per week. Book Recommendations. Bonus material. Weekly quizzes. Beginner friendly. | ₹6000

BONUS #2: 17.5 hours of Video Lectures delivered by Industry Practitioners - IIT-B Alumni. Actual session as per prescribed sequence. Edited. Enhanced for self paced learning. | ₹4000

BONUS #6: Community Access. Be with equally motivated people for the next 180 days. Ask queries. Get responses. Get going. | ₹500

BONUS #3: 6 Data Science Ebooks. 6 eBooks from renowned authors - More importantly. Learn how to read these eBooks for maximum impact. | ₹1000

BONUS #5: Python for Data Science. 123 Assignments - 4 Project - 16 quizzes. Platform Access. Get ready on Python. With Certificate. Do this for 30 minutes for 30 days. You will be ready for Data Science projects. | ₹6000

BONUS #7: Data Science Toolkit. Tools to make you accountable and keep you on track to make the transition happen. | ₹1000

Limited time offer: ₹2999 ₹999/-

BONUS #4: 100 Day Data Science Study Plan. What are you going to do over the next 100 days. Day by Day plan. Daily Goals. Stretch Goals and revision plans. | ₹1000

BONUS #8: Social Feed. Connect NOT just with GreyAtom ecosystem but the larger Data Science Ecosystem. Configure social feeds/ LinkedIn Influencers/ Medium Accounts and Github Repos to lookout for. | ₹500

Inclusive of all taxes

SAVE Rs. 249 (Rs.999 875).

Register for Friend's Pack (2 ) for Rs. 1750 and each saves Rs. 125.

Who is this workshop for

It is myth that only people who are good with Maths and Programming CAN become a Data Scientist. Yes, a background in Maths and Programming does help, but it is not a skill which cannot be developed. I've seen people with 100s of students, freshers, managers from both tech and non tech background make a successful transition. You will find some of them once you scroll.


Tech Managers

2-5yrs of experience

Just starting your careers and want to do something new. You are in a fix as to whether you can make it or not. Scared to take the bold move.

Want to stay up-to-date with the newer technologies. Apply yourself better and manage or guide your team to solve problems in a better way.

Early starters. You've realized the new buzz and want to start before it is too late. This is the perfect time to switch. Get the hike in your career early on.

Non-tech Aspirants

Mathematics, Programming. It surely sounds difficult but with right amount of hardwork and some guidance you can make it. Your experience in different domain will give you an extra edge.

10+yrs of experience

You are mostly saturated with what you do, and want to do something new. At the same time you want to leverage your management experience. You can do wonders with Data Science

How will the workshop help you

2nd November - 6th November, 2020

8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (IST)


Limited time offer: ₹2999 ₹999/-

Inclusive of all taxes

SAVE Rs. 249 (Rs.999 875).

Register for Friend's Pack (2 ) for Rs. 1750 and each saves Rs. 125.

3 Things to Succeed in Data Science

In the 5 Day Data Science Workshop, everyday you will attend a LIVE session with your mentor. The format will be code-along, a mix of hands-on coding, concept onboarding, and walkthroughs. By the end of 5th Day you will have a social presence among your recruiters.



Social Presence

You will get access to of the entire Data Science content which you can consume in the next 6 months. Do it HONESTLY. You will 100% succeed

While learning, we all get stuck. We all need mentors. Everyday you will have a LIVE training session with mentors who are practising Data Scientists in the industry.

Recruiters often look for REAL work experience. A place where recruiters can validate your experience, knowledge and approach. By the end of the workshop you will build a strong social profile.

Founder's Message...

It took me 10,000 hours to discover this secret. I have enabled 1000s of learners use this and make rapid strides.

I’m Mayuresh Shilotri and have seen 1000s of people make transition into a Data Science Career. The Data Science – “5 Day Workshop” will help you get started. GreyAtom Courses are the only thing that you will ever need.

This workshop will help you identify the tangible roadmap from where you to where you want to be. I know that most of you aspire to become a Data Scientist. You have seen your friends, relatives, colleagues who are Data Scientists but you don't know where to start from.

Becoming a Data Scientist is not a 5 Day, 15 Day or 30 Day job. It definitely does not have a checklist that you can exhaust and become a Data Scientist. All have a different journey. It's like running, you learn to walk before you run, and you learn to stand up before you walk.

Similarly, before you end up spending 50-60k on different Data Science programs, I'd recommend you to first learn Python and try solving a project. This will help you decide better. You will LIVE the LIFE of a Data Scientist for one week.

We have packed everything that you will ever need.You are about to begin one of the most exciting journeys in your life, and everyone at GreyAtom is eager to help you succeed. Becoming a data scientist takes a lot of your blood and sweat, and with sheer hard work and full support from us, we are sure you will get there!T

My mission is simple – I want you to up-skill as a Data Scientist. If you follow the advise herein – you will get the results that you are seeking. I want to make this 100% risk free for you. A final parting thought –“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”


Co-Founder & Learning Specialist, GreyAtom

Our pool of Successful Learners

Here’s what my happy learners had to say about us. Time taken to take decision adds to the cost. ACT NOW!

Limited time offer: ₹2999 ₹999/-

Inclusive of all taxes

SAVE Rs. 249 (Rs.999 875).

Register for Friend's Pack (2 ) for Rs. 1750 and each saves Rs. 125.

What our learners have to say

We at GreyAtom deeply impact peoples life and it shows. See what some of them had to say about us.

Who are the mentors

Industry Practitioners. Experienced. Have Depth. Love Teaching. Above all AMAZING HUMANS.

Manas Ranjan Kar

Data scientist at Episource

Rohit Ghosh

Director of BD at

Supriya Adep

Software engineer at Fractal

Prakash Vanapali

Shantanu Kumar

Vedant Dwivedi

Sr. Data Scientist at Fractal

Head of AI Products at inFeedo

Data Scientist at Jio

Bhavesh Bhatt

Data Scientist at Fractal Analytics

Parag Pansare

Associate Manager at Accenture

Schaun Wheeler

Sr. Data Scientist at Valassis Digital

Fatos Ismali

Arunabh Majumdar

Avinash Ahuja

Data Solutions Architect at Microsoft

Senior Data Scientist at Prudential

Machine Learning Engineer at Linkedin

Daniele Rosa

Sidharth Ramachandran

Hardik Gupta

Data Scientist at OSRAM

Head of Data Science at Gfk

Data Scientist at BookMyShow

Limited time offer: ₹2999 ₹999/-

Inclusive of all taxes

SAVE Rs. 249 (Rs.999 875).

Register for Friend's Pack (2 ) for Rs. 1750 and each saves Rs. 125.

You will get a Certificate too

We know the importance of certificate and want you to have some credit for attending the workshop. If you are college graduate – we can issue NAAC and NBA compliant Internship Certificate on Completion of “Python for Data Science” on request.


Limited time offer: ₹2999  ₹999/-

Inclusive of all taxes

SAVE Rs. 249 (Rs.999 875).

Register for Friend's Pack (2 ) for Rs. 1750 and each saves Rs. 125

Register Now & get FREE Bonuses worth ₹20,000