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GreyAtom's Data Science Student Learning Pack

After serving more than 35000 students in last 18 months, we realise that students do not get enough skills while they are in college. They often struggle to get a right job after their graduation. The purpose of this pack is to help you with the right start!

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2-5yrs of experience

Non-tech Aspirants

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There's no substitute for hands-on experience. But for most students, real world tools can be cost-prohibitive. GreyAtom's Student Learning Pack is design for some of our partners and friends: to give students free access to the best data science tools and learning material in one place so they can learn by doing.

5 Data Science Courses

8 Exclusive Webinars

2 Data Science Ebooks

Python for Data Science

Data Science Machine Learning Series

26 Weeks of Data Science

10 Day Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science Career Prep Bootcamp

Data Science Hiring Post Covid

Key Factors to Get Through In Data Science Hiring

How To Make A Career Transition In Data Science

Data Science at LinkedIn

How to build Machine Learning Models using Logistic Regression

Decision Trees in Machine Learning and its applications

Clustering Algorithms in Machine Learning and its applications

Use Cases of Random Forrest in Machine Learning

Data Science Career Launch Guide

7 Tools In 2020 To Make You A Super Aspirant

Video Lecture
Video Lecture
Video Lecture
Video Lecture
Video Lecture
Video Lecture
Video Lecture
Video Lecture

10 Day Online Mentor Led Data Science Bootcamp. Attend 10 training sessions with mentors who are Data Scientists in the industry. No Coding Experience Required!

123 Assignments - 4 Project - 16 quizzes. Platform Access. Get ready on Python. With Certificate. Do this for 30 minutes for 30 days. You will be ready for Data Science projects

17.5 hours of Video Lectures delivered by Industry Practitioners - IIT-B Alumni. Actual session as per prescribed sequence. Edited. Enhanced for self paced learning

Get 26 Jupyter Notebooks delivered in your inbox - Delivered 1 per week. Book Recommendations. Bonus material. Weekly quizzes. Beginner friendly.

Learn how to crack the Data Science interview and land in your dream job.

Key Takeaways:

* Effects of COVID-19 across industries

* How can Data Science help

* How long will it be in bloom

* How can I make a transition

Key Takeaways:

* How do people hire for a Data Scientist role

* How to get noticed by recruiters

* Who is getting placed

Key Takeaways:

* What is Data Science?

* What the market wants?

* How to switch careers?

Key Takeaways:

* Transition from Academics to Business

* Importance of Story telling

* How to get started

* Data Science function

Key Takeaways:

* Understand data extraction, exploration and visualization

* Learn how to prepare data for ML algorithms

Key Takeaways:

* Learn the intuition behind a decision tree

* Understand the concept of overfitting
* Understand the concept of Ensemble methods

Key Takeaways:

* Clustering use cases

* Types and working of different Clustering Algorithms

Key Takeaways:

* Data Pre-processing

* Feature Engineering

* How to model using Linear Regression or Random Forests

The ultimate guide to quickly launch your successful Data Science career.

Dive deep here to discover 7 wonderful tools

Kick-start your high-growth career

Learn Data Science the complete way. Get FREE study materials, video lectures, live lectures, learning forums.

Trupti Dhoble

Data Scientist at DSP Mutual Fund

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Who are the mentors...

Industry Practitioners. Experienced. Have Depth. Love Teaching. Above all AMAZING HUMANS.

Manas Ranjan Kar

Rohit Ghosh

Supriya Adep

Data scientist at Episource

Director of BD at

Software engineer at Fractal

Prakash Vanapali

Shantanu Kumar

Sr. Data Scientist at Fractal

Head of AI Products at inFeedo

Vedant Dwivedi

Data Scientist at Jio

Bhavesh Bhatt

Parag Pansare

Schaun Wheeler

Data Scientist at Fractal Analytics

Associate Manager at Accenture

Sr. Data Scientist at Valassis Digital

Fatos Ismali

Arunabh Majumdar

Avinash Ahuja

Data Solutions Architect at Microsoft

Senior Data Scientist at Prudential

Machine Learning Engineer at Linkedin

Daniele Rosa

Sidharth Ramachandran

Hardik Gupta

Data Scientist at OSRAM

Head of Data Science at Gfk

Data Scientist at BookMyShow

Kick-start your high-growth career

Learn Data Science the complete way. Get FREE study materials, video lectures, live lectures, learning forums.

Mudassir Khan

Data Scientist at MMS.Ind

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